7 types of food affect the quality of sleep

7 types of food affect the quality of sleep

What you eat before going to bed has a special effect on the quality of sleep, and some healthy foods can make you wake up all night.

There are many things that affect the quality of your sleep, from emotions to physical illnesses like diabetes, kidneys or heartburn. Whatever the cause, insomnia can make you irritable and feel sluggish during the day. If this condition persists for a long time, it will lead to a risk of heart attack, stroke, neurological disorders and hypertension. Here are the “culprits” causing problems that affect the quality of sleep.

  1. Orange and tangerine fruit
    Citrus fruits can disturb your sleep because of their high acidity. This can lead to heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux. In citrus fruits also contain a lot of sugar, which can provide the body with the energy it needs. However, eat citrus fruits in the morning, during breakfast and choose low sugar and low acid content. The fruits to eat at the end of the day are figs, raisins, grapes, apples, kiwi and papaya.
  2. Spicy food
    Eating spicy food before sleeping causes stomach discomfort and heartburn. Heartburn is more serious when you sleep because the stomach acid accumulates around the esophagus.

Some studies show that eating spicy foods before going to bed also increases the rate of nightmares. Nightmares are not simply dreams but also with negative emotions, making the body more susceptible to awakening than when you have a happy dream.

  1. Sweet dessert
    A few sweet desserts after a long day of proper dieting are the perfect reward for you, but eating before bedtime can increase blood sugar. Eating desserts right before bedtime makes you awake and have more energy, even if it’s late. In particular, chocolate should be avoided before going to bed, because caffeine and sugar are in chocolate. Theobromine compound in chocolate is a stimulant that increases heart rate and contributes to insomnia.
  2. Fast food
    If you are still hungry at bedtime, the craving for fast foods may appear because your brain is looking for something to satisfy your hunger as soon as possible. However, fast foods and oily snacks make the body difficult to digest and often lead to heartburn.

The more fat the dish has, the more acid and gas secretion in the stomach. If you find it difficult to sleep, try lying on your left side to reduce acid backflow into your esophagus. Broccoli Broccoli belongs to the cruciferous group of vegetables, contains many nutrients and is considered an integral part of the diet. However, the high fiber content in broccoli takes a long time to digest. In fact, all cruciferous vegetables including Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, cauliflower and basketry, often cause bloating during digestion. Consuming any of these foods before bedtime will make you awake and sleepless.

  1. Celery
    If insomnia involves frequent urination every night, avoid eating celery before sleeping. Celery contains a lot of water, which can cause bladder fluid accumulation even if you don’t drink water during dinner. Other water foods such as watermelons, cucumbers and lettuce also cause a similar situation.
  2. Meat
    Meat, especially red meat, contains a lot of protein and fat needs a lot of time to digest, making you alert. However, you can eat meat at dinner, but it is best to avoid snacks before sleeping. Any source of animal protein takes a lot of time to digest and is detrimental to sleep, especially red meat because of its high fat content, indigestion or stomach cramps while sleeping. If you have to try to sleep well every night, eat less lean meat for dinner, like chicken or turkey breast meat, or protein from vegetarian foods like yogurt and spinach.

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