The United States has always been a country known for its top-quality medical care. The country is packed with state-of-the-art medical practices, leading experts and the best care services. Many people who choose the United States to travel or settle in large part are convinced of the excellent healthcare system here.

However, the health care system in the US still has many issues to discuss. For people with private health insurance and comprehensive insurance, health facilities in the US will bring the best quality in the world. However, for those without insurance, the health care system in the US is very normal.

Cases of treatment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for major injuries can be limited to people who cannot afford them. The statutory emergency service is still available to everyone, but patients can pay a small fee afterward.

 Health care facilities in the US

Most hospitals in the US are privately owned. In the United States, there are no national health systems open to the public by the government. However, the standards of private health facilities are extremely good. Patients are exposed to the best medical technology. Well-trained doctors and leading medical professionals are always found in the United States.

The use of private health facilities can bring benefits such as short waiting times, constant innovation competition between facilities.

American pharmacy

Pharmacies can be found easily in major cities in the US. Foreigners can buy prescription drugs at most drugstores. However, the price of medicines here is expensive, it is best to keep the bill to get money back from the health insurance providers.

When intending to bring drugs from abroad into the United States, it should be noted not to exceed the limits prescribed by the authorities. Customs officials are very strict in implementing these laws.

Health insurance in the US

Unlike most developed countries, the United States does not require foreigners to enter the United States to have health insurance. However, serious investment in health insurance should be made when deciding to settle in the United States or negotiating on an employment contract. Anyone who does not have health insurance is in danger of paying huge sums of money for medical treatment unless he or she has never touched it.

Long-term treatments are often limited to uninsured people. Dental and optical operations are usually not included in general insurance and both are very expensive. If any type of medical treatment is received in the United States, the patient should withhold the bill to claim reimbursement from the insurer.

 Immunizations required before entering the United States

Persons intending to travel or permanently reside in the US need to prove they have received the latest vaccinations. Diseases that need to be vaccinated are diphtheria, measles, spinal cord infection, and measles. Schools in the US also require children to be vaccinated against tetanus, whooping cough, and mumps.

Emergency services in the United States

Emergency medical services in the United States are regulated by state governments for any individual. In an emergency, an ambulance can be requested by dialing 911. Nursing homes in the United States are well trained and can provide first aid directly on the spot. In addition, foreigners can go to the nearest hospital on their own for immediate treatment.

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