The secret of weight loss and burning excess fat

The secret of weight loss and burning excess fat

Exercise can reduce excess fat in every part of the body, but it is wrong to think that more and more sweat will result in lower body weight. The idea is that the more you exercise, the more sweat you lose. However, this concept is not true. The number of calories burned during exercise cannot be relied on just as much or less sweating to decide. To clarify this issue, let’s find out what happens in the body when you exercise, compare 1 person who sweat a lot after training with a person who doesn’t sweat at all. Will the number 1 lose more weight than the second?

Mechanism of action of sweat glands in men and women When your body temperature is too high, your body will cool itself by sweating. In other words, this is the phenomenon of excreting water through sweat glands located under the skin. In this way, the body temperature will decrease. The number of sweat glands of each person is different and is determined by the gene. Studies show that if you are a person who is sweating a lot, it means you have a lot of sweat glands running under your skin (averaging 2 to 4 million glands throughout your body). Women often have more sweat glands than men, but men’s sweat glands are more active than women (the ratio of active glands to more than 50%). In addition, due to hormonal differences, the male body accumulates more water and sweat is usually acidic.

For example, female athletes often start sweating when their body temperature rises and goes into the exercises. In contrast, men often sweat more when they are at the same temperature and exercise regimen. In addition to sweating, the female body has more mechanisms to cool the body than men (especially the circulatory mechanism). That’s why if you look around the gym, you’ll see that men are sweating, and women are reddened (especially the face). This happens because the capillaries on the female’s skin surface are expanding and discharging heat, soothing the body.
In addition to the above causes, more or less sweating depends on a number of factors

  • Weather (humidity and environmental temperature also cause more sweating)
  • Exercise intensity
  • Drink alcohol or coffee
  • Smoke
  • Food (hot, spicy food increases body temperature)
  • Body weight or fat fat accumulated – Sweating means you are dehydrated rather than burning fat.

Science has shown that overweight people will sweat more than normal people. Excess fat is like a blanket and increases body temperature. When you exercise, exercise a lot, your body will sweat to relieve the heat generated. That means sweating does not burn calories, but it is closely related to other factors such as muscle tissue and adipose tissue. It is true that when you sweat, you can lose weight, but the weight loss is caused by dehydration and mineral loss. In other words, you don’t reduce fat intake through sweat glands and by sweating. And as soon as you drink the rehydration, your body returns to its original weight. Note, before – during – and after training, remember to continuously replenish water. Thus, it is clear that perspiration does not increase the amount of calories burned, meaning that if you sweat a lot during exercise, you can still burn less fat than those who do not or less sweat. Exercise, aerobic exercise can still help you lose weight but it does not involve you sweating more or less during exercise.

Real weight loss – fat burning mechanism
So where is the weight loss mechanism really, if not from sweat? That is from the intensity of the exercise you are doing. For example, running 30 minutes of burning 300 calories is completely irrelevant to your sweaty shirt. Remember, sweat is the way your body keeps its body temperature, not sweating, to lose weight. If you lose weight simply by sweating, all you have to do is sit in front of the oven, or go to the sauna, or be in the sun during the day to sweat. But these are not effective. Exercises to help burn fat effectively As mentioned above, if you want to lose weight, you should practice exercises with moderate or higher intensity.
Some of the following exercises will help you “burn” fat and lose weight effectively:

  • Aerobics
  • Walking gently
  • Running – Snowboarding
  • Swimming
  • Ride bicycle
  • Dance
  • Boxing (Boxing)
  • Shiver.
    When you do any of these activities, your muscles will take energy from the stored fat in your body, so the fat will be “burned” through the activities you perform. . In addition, along with a reasonable diet, you will achieve the desired weight.

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